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WHS ARt Club

WHS ARt Club

Art Club meets every Thursday after school in room 1243. 

Students work on a variety of projects including drawing, painting, sculpture and some catch up on work due for art class. Art Club is set up on a drop in basis. Come after school on Thursday and create some art. For more information join the Art Club Google Classroom. Classroom code: 0jc60r1

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?

Studies as early as 1941 indicated that bluish hues were the most preferred; just this summer, the world’s favorite color was declared to be a shade of blue/green based on a 30,000-person survey canvassing 100 countries.[1]  Color preference is not limited to a particular geography or gender.

Blue was determined to be the most popular color for Art 2 students who took an informal color survey on the first day of school. “It is not surprising that our results from my three classes fall in line with the preferences from the rest of the world,” said Art 2 teacher Mrs Schilling.

Researchers contend that a person’s preference for a color is determined by how much a person likes the objects associated with that color.[2]  All of the things associated with blue are mostly positive.

Blue is associated with the sky and water, as well as ballpoint pens and blue jeans, raising the average preference for blue higher than the remainder of the rainbow. Clear sky and clean water are things we all experience universally.

Color preferences can vary depending on the time of year, tied to the changing of the seasons. Typically, the colors of autumn—golden yellows, browns, dark reds—are the least-liked on the color wheel. However surveys conducted in the fall reveal an increased preference for these dark, warm shades, when participants most closely associate them with festive things like hayrides and pumpkin patches.



[1] Conducted by Hull 2017 UK City of Culture and paper merchant GF Smith, the survey was invited people to select their favorite shade a online by hovering over an infinite palette of shades with their mouse until they landed on the color they found most appealing.

[2] According to research conducted by psychologists Stephen E. Palmer and Karen Schloss at University of Wisconsin-Madison.