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AP Art Show Thursday May 18

AP Art Show Thursday May 18

Over the course of the year,  eleven AP Art students have collectively created 264 works of art. They are excited to exhibit their work for fellow artists at the Albion Cultural Exchange as well as the public during the second annual AP Art Gallery Show on Thursday May 18 from 5:00-8:00pm.

Most pieces are for sale. Come support our student artists and celebrate their accomplishments. We hope you can join us!

What is AP Art?
Advanced Placement, or A.P., Studio Art is a series of courses that are divided into three paths: Drawing, 2-D and 3-D. Each student chooses one path to follow for the school year. Unlike traditional AP exams, the AP Studio Art Exam is a portfolio that encompasses three different portfolios: Quality, Breadth and Concentration.

The Breadth portfolio consists of 12 different pieces of art. These demonstrate the student’s ability to incorporate a multitude of different techniques and subject matters. The Breadth portfolio is meant to show versatility and overall risk-taking and a student voice throughout 12 different, unassociated pieces.

The Concentration portfolio is comprised of 12 different works of art that demonstrate the student’s ability to develop original ideas through a variety of pieces that relate to one central idea. The College Board is looking for growth not only in technique but also in the development of the concept that the student has chosen to focus on.

The Quality portfolio consists of five of the best pieces of work that showcase technical and conceptual skill. These can come from either the Breadth or Concentration portfolios or can be completely new pieces. These works are physically sent to the College Board to be judged by experienced artists and art teachers.

Students will be graded by the College Board on each portfolio individually and by different artists who do not see the other portfolios. These three scores are then averaged together to get one final score which is what the students will receive and higher scores will earn college credit for the students.

Fabulous Shoes

Fabulous Shoes

In Ceramics II the students have been hard at work constructing amazing shoes out of clay. Students first designed paper templates. After the paper prototype was constructed students then moved on to clay. Students realized many changes had to be adjusted along the way for the finished product to look  like a realistic shoe. Craftsmanship, and observation were some key components to a successful shoe.

Self Portraits

Self Portraits

Students in the Honors Drawing & Painting class have just finished up with their Self – Portraits. They have worked extremely hard over the last month and a half to complete these portfolio pieces. For most of these students this was their first ever full portrait. I would have to say I am very proud of all their improvements. Keep up the great work!

Joined Vessel “MONSTERS”

Joined Vessel “MONSTERS”

Ceramic 1 students have just completed their hand-building unit for term one. To complete the pinch pot unit, students created a joined vessel monster.

Essential Understandings

  • A successful joined vessel should be considered seamless. Additional pieces could be added to establish a stronger emphasis of the overall composition.

Objective of the project:

– Student monsters must have had at least one eye and a mouth for an opening. Craftsmanship is important in this lesson, as you don’t want any of the added details to break off in construction. Both positive and negative space should be emphasized.

-Lastly students were expected to glaze the monster with 3 or more glaze color choices.

  • Art Elements – Form, Space and Color
  • Principles of Design – Emphasis

Massachusetts State Frameworks: Visual Art
PreK–12 STANDARD 1: Methods, Materials, and Techniques
     1.10 Use electronic technology for reference and for creating original work
PreK–12 STANDARD 2: Elements and Principles of Design
     2.15 Create artwork that demonstrates understanding of the elements and principles of design in establishing a point of view, a sense of space, or a mood

Fright Night 2016

Fright Night 2016


The Annual Fright Night Halloween Festival is upon us! Join us for the WHS Art pumpkin carving display downtown at the Beebe Library on October 27 and then head down to the Galvin Auditorium for the WHS TV movies.

The PUMPKIN DISPLAY is from 6:00 – 8:00 PM! The pumpkins will be lit at around 5:00 pm but are best seen when it starts to get dark. Stop by to see the amazing carving work of the WHS Art students!

The WHS TV movies are at 4:30 and 7 pm at the Galvin MIddle School Auditorium! $5 admission!

Share this post with your friends and family! Help support WHS ART!

**Pumpkins will be available for the public to take at the end of the evening. Students have between 8:00 and 8:30 PM to claim their pumpkins. At 8:30 PM the public can take pumpkins that are not claimed by students!