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Fright Night 2015

Fright Night 2015

Art 2 students get ready 2015

Art 2 students Joy Patel, Joanne Gallardo, Julia Brown, Hannah Filleul, Helen Salvatore, Justin Nguyen, Cecelia Colliton, Mikayla Coombs, Kaitlyn Newbegin, Kellianne Conlon, and Sofia Barrett are designing and carving their pumpkins in preparation for Fright Night October 29. The Carved Jack o Lantern display will be set up and lit by 5:00 pm. Hope to see you there!


Intro to Film & Video – From Storyboards to Post-Production

Intro to Film & Video – From Storyboards to Post-Production

Introduction to Film & Video students have hit the ground running with Pre-Production by creating storyboards. Storyboards help with organizing the video before production begins. Once the storyboards are created, students can follow a shot by shot document while recording in the “field.”  The ‘Locker Project’ is an assignment where students understand the use of various shots (i.e. MS – Medium Shot, CU – Close Up), editing techniques and utilizing the Rule of Thirds.  Having a detailed set of storyboards will help guide the students during the recording and Post-Production process.

PreK–12 STANDARD 1: Methods, Materials, and Techniques

1.9 Demonstrate the ability to create 2D and 3D works that show knowledge of unique characteristics of particular media, materials, and tools

1.11 Explore a single subject through a series of works, varying the medium or technique For example, a student makes a drawing, woodcut, and painting of a still life, landscape, or figure.

PreK–12 STANDARD 3: Observation, Abstraction, Invention, and Expression

3.10 Create 2D and 3D images that are original, convey a distinct point of view, and communicate ideas

PreK–12 STANDARD 4: Drafting, Revising, and Exhibiting

4.10 Demonstrate the ability to develop an idea through multiple stages, responding to criticism and self-assessment

4.11 Maintain a portfolio of artwork that demonstrates a progression of ideas and skills over time

Studio Art 1 – Observational Value Drawings

Studio Art 1 – Observational Value Drawings
Studio Art 1 – Observational Value Drawings

Studio Art 1 students have been very busy since the beginning of the school year. The students began discussing the elements of art, and now have gone into depth with the element “Value’. Students have used both graphite and white charcoal while observing their own paper sculptures and then worked with a value range to create their final product. The introduction of the tortillion (blending stick) has been an exciting tool for many to use on their projects.

Objectives for the students were as follows:

  • Students will use their observational skill to illustrate the details of their paper sculpture.

  • Students will create the full value scale to turn their flat shape into form. Utilizing graphite for the paper sculpture and white charcoal for their airplane drawing.

Massachusetts Visual Arts Standards

2.14 Review systems of visualizing information and depicting space and volume, for example, scale and vanishing point, linear, atmospheric, and isometric perspective; and create works using these systems
3.8 Create representational 2D artwork from direct observation and from memory that convincingly portrays 3D space and the objects and people within that space

WHSArt Club paints Cultural Exchange windows

WHSArt Club paints Cultural Exchange windows

The WHS Art Club went downtown yesterday to decorate the windows of the newly established Albion Cultural Exchange Building, formally known as the Light Department Building. Art Club students painted both inside and outside as preparation for Fright Night, October 29, 2015. Fright Night this year will offer four separate events for residents of all ages. There will be trick or treating from 4:00-6:00, an art display from 4:00-9:00, a carved pumpkin display from 5:00-9:00 and a student horror film festival with two screenings at 4:30 and 7:00.

*Trick or Treat   Pick up your Trick or Treat bag and a map at the Albion Cultural Exchange, 9 Albion Street starting at 4:00.

*Art Exhibit  The Arts Collaborative of Wakefield will host an Art Exhibit at the Albion Cultural Exchange on 9 Albion Street. The exhibit will be open from 4:00-9:00 and feature a wide variety of art on display from local artists who are members of the ACW as well as selected art from WHSVisual Art.

*Carved Pumpkin Display on the steps of the Lucius Beebe Library from 5:00-9:00, featuring the artwork of the WHSVisual Arts Department and GMS Art Club. Pumpkins are lit at 5:00. Want to be a part of this event? Bring your carved pumpkin down to the library to add to the display or just come down to help set up.

*WHSTV Film Festival Galvin Middle School, Veteran’s Auditorium, 525 Main Street, at 4:30 and 7:00. WHSTV presents their annual student horror film festival, featuring films created by students in the WHS Television program and the third installment of the Thrillogy!!! written, produced and acted by WHS staff members. Catch up with part 1 and Part 2 on Youtube and get ready for the conclusion on Fright Night.

“When you stare into the ABerecz” and

“The Sequel”



Art 2 Value Drawings

Art 2 Value Drawings

In Art2 students have started to experiment with drawing pencils. Each drawing pencil set has six different pencils. So, why do you need 6 different pencils? The difference is in the type of graphite in the pencil. Pencils use a system tDrawing Pencilso gauge the hardness (written as H) and the to blackness  (written as B). The pencil most people use is a middle of the road pencil – not too hard (H) and not too black (B) – that pencil is the No. 2 pencil that we all know. The No. 2 pencil is also known as an HB pencil, and the HB pencil is the middle of the hardness to blackness scale. The hardest pencil we use is a 2H pencil, the middle of the road is HB (or No. 2), and the blackest is a 6B pencil. The pencils allow flexibility to create a full range of value in a drawing.



Goals for students were as follows:

  • Experiment with a variety of drawing pencils, blending sticks and kneaded erasers to create a value drawing.
  • Create a composition with shapes based on 4 numbers, and then fill in he shapes with value in an interesting way that enhances the final drawing.
  • Develop a full range of value from black to gray to white in the completed drawing.
  • Exhibit a skillful use of the drawing pencil to produce a neat, clean & complete matted drawing.

Massachusetts Visual Arts Standards

1.9 Demonstrate the ability to create works that show knowledge of unique characteristics of particular media, materials, and tools.

1.13 Make reasonable choices of 2D and 3D media, materials, tools, and in techniques to achieve desired effects in specific projects.