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Intro to Film & Video – From Storyboards to Post-Production

Intro to Film & Video – From Storyboards to Post-Production

Introduction to Film & Video students have hit the ground running with Pre-Production by creating storyboards. Storyboards help with organizing the video before production begins. Once the storyboards are created, students can follow a shot by shot document while recording in the “field.”  The ‘Locker Project’ is an assignment where students understand the use of various shots (i.e. MS – Medium Shot, CU – Close Up), editing techniques and utilizing the Rule of Thirds.  Having a detailed set of storyboards will help guide the students during the recording and Post-Production process.

PreK–12 STANDARD 1: Methods, Materials, and Techniques

1.9 Demonstrate the ability to create 2D and 3D works that show knowledge of unique characteristics of particular media, materials, and tools

1.11 Explore a single subject through a series of works, varying the medium or technique For example, a student makes a drawing, woodcut, and painting of a still life, landscape, or figure.

PreK–12 STANDARD 3: Observation, Abstraction, Invention, and Expression

3.10 Create 2D and 3D images that are original, convey a distinct point of view, and communicate ideas

PreK–12 STANDARD 4: Drafting, Revising, and Exhibiting

4.10 Demonstrate the ability to develop an idea through multiple stages, responding to criticism and self-assessment

4.11 Maintain a portfolio of artwork that demonstrates a progression of ideas and skills over time

WHSTV Presents BLITZ! 2014

WHSTV Presents BLITZ! 2014

This years Blitz! Film Festival showcased some great student films.  Students had one weekend to write, shoot, and edit a short video that included the following elements:

Character Name: E. Schmidt (Professional Bowler)

Prop: Roll of Toilet Paper

Line: “But wait, what do I do with this?”

The videos also included 2 randomly selected pieces of music that were given at the beginning of the weekend.  This years videos showed some great talent with camera operating, editing, acting and the use of a fantastic prop.  Check out the other Blitz! 2014 videos on our YouTube channel WHSTV15.  Also, make your way over to some past Blitz! Film Festival videos submitted by the WHSTV alumni.